Tantric Massage Services

I offer every client a free 30 minute phone/video consultation to discuss the services offered and answer any questions you may have.
I offer sessions to individuals of any gender from my seaside home in Folkestone, Kent.
I offer sessions in 3 levels, these can be booked individually or as a package.
Sessions 1-3 follow a general guideline but will be unique to the individual. Session lengths will vary but generally will be between 2 - 3 hours long. I will provide you with worksheets and tasks to complete in between each session to ensure you receive the fullest amount of healing and growth possible.
Further bespoke sessions can be arranged.
Contact me if you would like to book an introductory call.


Level 1 Massage


Level 1 is a journey through your chakras, identifying any blockages and connecting to your inner emotions. We will connect to your inner desires, what you want your life to be like, what you want to create. We will create a framework and pathway to achieving your goals and manifesting the life you want. The session includes a grounding attunement, manifestation meditation, intention setting exercise and a full body massage focusing on each individual chakra and tuning in to any memories, thoughts and feelings that come up. The session will end with a relaxing guided meditation.

Level 2 Massage


Level 2 will introduce you to dynamic movements such as the tantric bridge pose and the cobra pose and different breathing techniques such as the solar luna breath, the kundalini breath and the trapezoidal breath. During this session we will have a discussion about any goals you have achieved and any feelings that are coming up for you. The session includes a grounding attunement, a conscious stream of writing exercise and a full body massage incorporating the dynamic movements and breaths we will be learning. The session will end with a relaxing guided meditation.


Level 3 Massage


Level 3 will bring together elements from levels 1 and 2. We will also be incorporating tantric yoga poses into the session to help raise the sexual energy. These can include the bound angle pose, cat-cow pose, tantric bridge pose, cobra pose, womb yoga and rocking in plank. We will also activate and raise our kundalini energy by kundalini shaking. This session includes a grounding attunement, tantric yoga, a kundalini shaking meditation and a full body massage including dynamic movements and breathing techniques learnt in level 2. The session will end with a relaxing guided meditation.

Level 1-3 Package


You can book levels 1-3 as a package at a discounted rate.